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Give Meaningful and Appropriate Feedback: Tips for Online Teachers



The purpose of feedback in the learning process is to improve a student’s performance – definitely not put a damper on it. The ultimate goal of feedback is to provide students with an ” I can do this” attitude.- Laura Reynolds.

Feedback plays a very important role in the education of the students. Any learning process is incomplete without it. Constructive and healthy feedback help students to identify, learn, improve and retain information more effectively.

Enhancing the feedback – tips for online teachers

Online teaching is a modern and advanced version of teaching and learning. With everything being virtual, feedback is also exchanged in the same way. Let us discuss some tips that will help teachers to enhance their feedback to make it more meaningful for the learners.

Give clear and evident instructions

In order to give feedback to the students about their performance and submissions, providing clear-cut instructions and your expectations to them is very important. If students submit the work without any prior knowledge, the mistakes or wrong format will be followed which will also affect the quality of feedback given. Wrong formats and procedures followed lead to wrong submissions. Sometimes students don’t even receive feedback from their teachers. For example, if a student doesn’t submit the given task under the right category, place, or email address, teachers don’t receive it and hence such students are not able to get back the responses from the teachers. In this regard, teachers must explain clear-cut expectations and procedures to the learners on an online teaching platform.

Tell students where they can submit the work to get back the feedback. For example, if you are using a mobile teacher app, uploading it there is also fine. Or you can also provide an email address where students can mail you the work.
Provide them with the last date of submission. When students submit work before the deadlines, it prevents delay and hence timely feedback can be given back by the teachers.
Explain to them what procedure they have to follow. For example, writing an assignment and uploading a scanned copy of it or directly sending the original pictures. Every teacher has their requirements, explaining them to the learners helps in developing a systematic approach to learning.

Do detailing

With the help of LMS software, collecting and maintaining records of the student performance in classes and via home assignments is very systematic. The teacher can maintain and keep the grades and scores with themselves but giving students a little detail along with their scores and marks is very helpful for the learners. This will make feedback more meaningful and actionable for the learners. Only giving the grade or score is not sufficient and enough for providing a good understanding to the students about how they are performing and where they need improvement. Giving or adding written remarks by the teachers is sure of great help for learners. Teachers can specify what is impressive in their work and what are places where improvisation can be done. Being actionable is highly effective to give proper feedback to the learners.

Audio format for responding

To make feedback more useful and meaningful for the learners, sending audio messages to the students can also be done by the teachers. We all know that listening is far more effective than any other means to get a proper understanding of a topic. Integrating and involving audio messages to send feedback to the students is of great help. If you are using a mobile teacher app for conducting your virtual classes, leaving an audio message in the chat box or the homework submission section can be practised by the teachers. Speaking your response and feedback rather than writing helps in proper understanding and also encourages interaction and communication between the teacher and the students. Retaining and improving the quality of information can be achieved via this process.

Be well-timed and punctual

Delays and late feedback must be avoided. The instant the feedback is received, the quicker the improvement will take place. Timely feedback is very important for the students. When students have to wait for a longer time to receive the teacher’s response and their results, it makes them quite anxious, stressed, and pressured. This affects their present academic performance and other life activities as well. To provide timely responses to the students, teachers can use LMS software. This helps them in managing their work efficiently in online teaching platforms. To make students actively engaged and involved in their studies and to keep them on the right track, teachers should give priority to being punctual with sending feedback.

Encourage student-student feedback

Feedback is not limited just to occur between an instructor and the learners. It is much more than this. Student-to-student sharing of feedback and suggestions is also a great technique to make learning better and enhanced for the learners. This means when students see or listen to each other and review, provide their views and suggestions about the same. A teacher can include activities such as group discussions, recitations, etc where students can listen and interact properly. Teachers should later encourage them to review one another’s performance and give feedback regarding it.


The above-mentioned tips and techniques will help teachers to make their feedback more meaningful and appropriate for online learners. What students must remember is that teachers are always there for improving their students and make them a better version of themselves every day. Therefore taking feedback constructively and in a supportive manner is very important. This will help learners to improve and enhance their learning and academic performance. Teachers must follow these practices to make their feedback more accurate in this regard.

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Legal Aid Insurance in Germany – a Guide for Expats



Legal conflicts have become a normal part of our daily living. With people threatening to sue over every minor inconvenience, instead of talking it out, you probably feel like you need to be on your toes at all times. Luckily, legal insurance, Germany, allows you to take a deep breath and relax. If any trouble does come your way, this form of insurance will be your protector against high court fees and expensive lawyers.

Let’s learn more about legal aid insurance in Germany and how it works

Types of Legal Aid Insurance

Private Legal Insurance

When you purchase private legal insurance, Germany, you receive coverage for most issues regarding private contracts, legal indemnity protection, and even disagreements with administrative personalities. It includes:

Private purchase contract – receiving defective products in an online purchase or having a dispute with any handyman.
Disputes with Authorities – any legal disagreements over fines, tax assessments, etc.
Criminal Law Protection – in case you’re accused of a negligent offense.
Internet Protection – incidents like stolen credit card details and non-consensual publishing of your personal pictures.

Professional Legal Insurance

The second type of legal aid insurance you can get is professional legal insurance. This manages any disagreements or conflicts with your employer or any other authoritative figure in the workplace.

Professional legal insurance is one of the most important things for expats to invest in. It will protect you in case of sudden layoffs, salary cuts, refusal to send reference letters, or even not letting you claim your vacation days.

Traffic Legal Insurance

No matter how good a driver you are, roadside accidents happen. You might be able to control your driving to perfection, but you have no say over how others drive! What if another car hits you and the driver claims you reserved into his car? Perhaps the other party’s liability insurance refuses to cover the costs of your vehicle.

In either case, traffic legal insurance steps up to ensure you get justice after a road accident. It manages any disputes relating to traffic, driving, or even buying and selling of vehicles. It will ensure you get a good price for a new vehicle while also helping you make warranty claims, fair agreements with car dealers, and repair work.

Renters/Home Legal Insurance

Finally, we have the renters’ legal insurance, Germany.

Just as the name suggests, this type of insurance comes to play if you have any disputes with your landlord, conflicts with your neighbors, or other similar issues.

Home legal insurance will save you from any needless drama with the neighbors. They won’t be able to take you to court for minor issues like trimming a tree or mowing the lawn at a particular time of the day (yes, these incidents happen!)

On the other hand, some landlords can be absolutely nasty, and you need legal insurance in case things escalate to the courtroom. You could have disputes with your landlord regarding utility costs, refusal to pay back your deposit, or even a sudden increase in the rent. If they refuse to listen and address your concerns, you can take them to court.

How to Get Legal Insurance as an Expat

The easiest way to find the best legal insurance, Germany is by utilizing the services of an expert insurance solutions organization like MW Expat. Our team of insurance experts is dedicated to finding you the most practical legal aid insurance with the maximum possible coverage within your budget.

There are legal conflicts all around us, and the only way to be sure you won’t be slapped with exorbitantly high court and lawyer fees is by having legal expenses insurance, Germany. It will help you navigate unfamiliar rules and regulations and not end up with an empty wallet because you unintentionally disregarded the law.

Who is Eligible for Free Legal Aid, Germany

The main criteria tested to gain free legal aid in Germany are whether you are deemed eligible by the country’s Civil Procedure Code. They require the following points to be met:

Anybody who doesn’t have sufficient funds to pay court costs. People who can only pay court costs in part or through monthly installments are also eligible for legal aid in Germany. This aid includes support for any legal advice needed (Beratungshilfe) and general court expenses (Prozesskostenhilfe).
People who have no assets and their monthly income is less than EUR20. These residents will be completely exempt from paying any court fee or covering the cost of their lawyer.

It is important to note that you don’t need to be a German national to avail legal aid in Germany. Even non-German residents can benefit from their aid as long as they meet the eligibility criteria set by the Civil Procedure Court.

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Vote for Your Well-Loved Brands, Stores & Influencers in Vapers’ Favorite Award 2021



It goes without saying that we’ve all seen some changes in the vaping landscape this year. Although traditional mod vapes have a constant appeal for experienced vapers, disposable vapes, which seem to fall on the other end of the spectrum, are rapidly rising to vie for newcomers’ attentions. Moreover, the restless Covid-19 is shaping the vaping world into somewhere we prefer to shop for and learn about vapes online.

To find a way to summarize and celebrate this year like no other, perhaps nothing’s better than holding an event to call on global vapers to voice their opinions out loud. Actually the good idea has turned real. A big vaper-centered event is hailing us right here and now–Vapers’ Favorite Award 2021!

About Vapers’ Favorite Award 2021

Vapers’ Favorite Award 2021, organized by My Vape Review (hereinafter referred to as MVR), is an event that brings together vapers across the world to name their favorites. It began on November 12th and will run through December 26th. The nominee list of Vapers’ Favorite Award 2021 covers every single role closely associated with our vaping, from notable brands and online stores right through to viral influencers on social media.

Spanning across three categories (brand, online store and influencer), 27 winners will finally be announced by Vapers’ Favorite Award 2021. They include:


Vapers’ Favorite Vape Brand
Vapers’ Favorite Vape Mod Brand
Vapers’ Favorite Pod System Brand (Closed System)
Vapers’ Favorite Disposable Vape Brand
Vapers’ Favorite E-Liquid Brand


Vapers’ Favorite Online Vape Store (UK/EU)
Vapers’ Favorite Online Vape Store (US)
Vapers’ Favorite Online Vape Store (Int.)


Vapers’ Favorite Vape Influencer on YouTube

Whether it was browsing through Reddit to turn to others for vaping advice, or skimming over dozens of expert vape reviews to weigh up pros and cons of a product, we’ve been all in this together. However, things could be different this time. Vapers’ Favorite Award 2021 will leave it up to us vapers to define the “best” about vaping, and name the champions with our ballots. It’s beyond happy to have the opportunity to vote for those vape brands, stores and influencers who worked so hard in 2021 to provide amazing products, services and insights across the global vaping community.

Who Will Enter the Lists?

MVR selects out nominees in the three categories based on multiple indicators, such as appeal, impressions, innovation, ratings, and fan/follower base. The relevant facts and figures used are all collected from reliable third-party sources such as news portals, social media platforms, forums, and Google Trends results. Specific criteria would vary by category.

By now, MVR has nominated over 40 brands including WOTOFO and Nevoks, Vapmod, YOOZ and 20+ stores including Sourcemore and NewVaping for Vapers’ Favorite Award 2021.

How to Get Involved?

Vapers’ Favorite Award 2021 is going on up till December 26th. At this moment, we still have the chance to vote for our best-liked ones on the event page. We can cast one vote per day per award, that is 9 votes in total. If you’re particularly fond of a brand, store, or influencer, don’t waste the ballots you hold every day till the event ends. Then the last thing to do would be just holding our breath when the champions are announced.

Actually, our votes not only mean a lot to contenders but will win ourselves big rewards. Every day after voting, we can spin a lucky wheel to win gifts such as store coupons or vape kits from big brands. Never miss this out–we heard the chance of winning a prize is 100%! MVR will also run a giveaway at the end of the event (Dec. 26) to offer 200 even more alluring prizes, including an iPad for the first-place winner and Airpods for the runner-ups. Cast a vote, and each and every one of us could be one of the two hundred winners.

While 2021 is a year like no other, we wouldn’t give up our enthusiasm about vaping, and we believe so do you. Don’t hesitate to name the best of best in your mind. Subscribe to My Vape Review and you might be among the first to learn who will be in the class!

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Presence of Car Wreckers Finds the Car Selling Easier in Sydney



Each year brand new model cars and updated versions are landing on the roads. Everyone aspires to buy a new car and each car brand surprises yearly with stunning offers and the best features. As of now, you are in Sydney and obviously, you will get the opportunity to own a new car. Yes, yearly, stunning model cars reach in each the suburbs of Australia of various brands.

Got any idea about the upcoming cars in Australia 2022 that going to surprise you? We can now find a lot of articles available on the internet and no need to go for prediction.

The fact is – people of Australia will be surprised with the new makes and models of 2022 cars in Australia. But, some other car owners in the though, how to sell the old car now. Not a problem, the car wreckers have a solution for this. However, people of Australia can find it hassle-free solution to buy a new car and sell the old car top cash.

How to sell the car with car wreckers?

Ever heard about the car wreckers in the Australian suburbs? Might be yes or even hearing for the first time. Car wreckers will do the responsibility by means of buying your old, damaged, unwanted or even unregistered cars for top cash.

You might be thinking, for any model and makes for top cash!!!

Yes, they do buy.

So, the car selling made easier and the seller will get top cash for wrecked cars Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and in all the suburbs of Australia. Amazing isn’t it?

Every time, a car owner find it difficult in the stage of selling a car. Sometimes, he or she is in a very urgent situation or on the stage to buy a new car. But, the fact, is the car should be sold out for top cash and in the most comprehensive way.

Do you really believe – you have time for paper ads to sell your cars in Sydney?

Car selling, the old school day concept came to end an end. Yes, the wreckers are at your doorstep with just a phone call away. The best possible way to get top cash for cars and it won’t be just a small deal, you will certainly find the best deals for sure.

In easy simple steps, each process will be executed and you as being the customer with no hassles, everything finds it easier. Yes, it’s a crazy professional service rendered by the car removal companies in the suburbs of Australia. Even more, if you got a dream to buy a car in Australia, it will be fulfilled easier by selling your old car and making it cash.


Find more informative ideas here with Quintdaily and hope you found why the presence of car wreckers in Sydney. Keep refreshed to get informative updates soon, stay tuned for yet another beautiful topic here with us.

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