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Food Accounts You Need to Follow on Instagram




Instagram is providing content on an umpteenth number of niches and the number is nowhere to stop. From all that lot, the most loved ones are dance, songs, art and crafts and not to forget the food.

Food bloggers on Instagram can make you hungry on a full stomach. They can set the mood right at any given moment of the day. At times, the food looks so tempting that you just want to break the screen and just have that thing for yourself.

Also, the tutorials they come up with, for the common masses, look so easy, but when you actually try things out it is nothing but a mess. It shows how effortlessly they get their work done.

Sometimes the tips and tricks they provide also turn out to be a boon though.

But, food accounts aren’t just the ones where the creator cooks something and posts it on the ‘gram. There are photography accounts as well which captures mainly food and can take your heart out with mere pictures. We also have food bloggers who introduce us to fast food places and enlighten us on multinational cuisine.

Let’s list the top ones from the lot.

Table of Contents

1.   Idafrosk(@idafrosk)

With over 233k followers, Ida Skivenes from Berlin got her popularity for sharing her healthy breakfast ideas. If you check out the profile, all you will see is contrasting colors mingled together in the best way possible.

If you envy this follower count, you can check out the organic follower services provided by Megafamous.

2.   Pasta(@pasta)

Pasta is loved by one and all. That is why there is no awkwardness in the fact that we have an account on IG, which is totally dedicated to this single dish. If you are a pasta lover, this is your ultimate destination. This is ultimately a page that can show you the infiniteness of one single dish and show you ranges of dishes made with it.

3.   Kimerly Hasselbrink(@kimerlyhasselbrink)

This is a photography account of renowned photographer Kimerly Hasselbrink. She captures still food on her camera and makes them look so lively. She can have your mouth watering for greens.

4.   Ashrod(@ashrod)

With over 104k followers, she gives you a glimpse of outdoor cooking where the platter can make your heart go gaga over it. She knows the game of good food, hands down.

She has also hosted the award-winning series “Kitchen Unnecessary”.

5.   Food Baby(@foodbabyny)

A New York-based account run by Mike J. Chou on a hunt for best foods in New York. Mike keeps his kids as the background for food. So, the expression of the munchkin along with the view of the delicious food in front will show you what a “picture perfect” can look like.

6.   Alison Roman(@alisoneroman)

From sweet tooth to sour tooth, from raw food to perfectly cooked ones, you will find it all on her ‘gram.

Totally aesthetic but with a pinch of contrast, Alison Roman knows how to set both the table and mood on fire. Also, love the way she presents herself on her videos.

7.   Ashley Alexander(@gatherandfeast)

Since we just talked about aesthetics, we can’t let this queen not be a part of the thought. Ashley makes art out of her original recipes. Yes, you heard it right?

She not only puts her cooked items on her feed but also makes aesthetically satisfying art for the eyes with the ingredients used in the process.

Never knew someone could take “cooking is a kind of art”, this seriously.

8.   Julia Sherman(@saladforpresident)

It won’t be wrong if we call her the ”salad diva”. The page can give you an assurity that nothing in the world is dull. It is just a matter of view point. If she can make something as dull as a salad to look such a treat to the eye, we can rule out “impossible” from her dictionary.

She is the creative director of Chop’t, founder of a blog on salad, and a cookbook author.

9.   Dennis Prescott(@dennistheprescott)

With over 619k followers, we are certainly sure that Dennis Prescott knows the Instagram game. The vibrancy on his platter, the backdrop that compliments the same needs the thought of a great mind. The energy on his YouTube video is also nowhere to be found.

He even hosted Netflix’s Restaurant on The Edge and is currently a cookbook author.

10.       melissa ✘ NYC (@melissamale)

We didn’t know that a spread can make that much of a difference until we came across Melissa’s Instagram page. To be specific, the brunch one.

Would you not love a table spread with cappuccino and croissant on a gloomy morning?

The feed itself is just so satisfying that anything else can look dull for the moment.

11.       Sarah Owens(sarah_c_owens)

Have a thing for bread? This is your destination. She will bring variations to your sight. Bread that is so beautifully baked that the picture itself says that the taste will be mouth-watering. If she can bring elegance to the table with mere bread effortlessly, the amount of effort that goes into it is unimaginable.

12.       Marta Greber( @whatforbreakfast)

She documents her breakfast and can easily make you look at your usual eggs and milk morning with gloomy eyes. To sum it up all about her feed all we have to say is, if you want a good breakfast, do it as Marta Greber does. There is nothing in between.

13.       Our food stories(@foodstories)

Laura and Nora from Berlin run this page. A perfect space for a foodie with a sweet tooth and a vegetarian. They have got you covered, and will at least bless your eyes with the art they create. Well, their feed clearly depicts that they have a soft corner for cakes. And the cakes they bake can blow all our cake fantasies out of the world.

To be honest, they can create magic on Insta because they know food the way no one does.


But, it is very saddening to see that there are many artists in this field who are yet to be seen. The one to blame is Instagram’s algorithm. So, why not give a start or a hike with Megafamous?  Contact the team to get some amazing deals on free followers, and likes to expand your reach.

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7% of Americans Don’t Use the Internet




Many Americans consider the internet to be a vital tool, using it to communicate with friends and family, shop, get the latest news, and search for information, among other things. A Pew Research Center poll performed from January 25 to February 8, 2021, found that 7 percent of people in the United States said they do not utilize the internet, even though it is widely available.

The Pew Research Center conducts monthly surveys of persons in the United States to determine their attitudes toward technology. According to a poll of 1,502 persons in the United States between January 25 and February 8, 2021, utilizing cellphones and landlines, this study investigates internet adoption rates among Americans. According to the poll’s weighting scheme, it should represent the adult population in the United States. It considers criteria including gender, race, ethnicity, age, household income, educational attainment, and community type.

Internet non-adoption has been proven to be connected with a range of demographic variables, with age being the most strongly associated with it — with elderly Americans continuing to be one of the least likely groups to use the internet. An overwhelming majority of persons over the age of 65 say they have never used the internet, compared to only a tiny fraction of adults under the age of 65 who say the same.

Additionally, a person’s educational achievement and household income are indicators of their propensity to remain away from the computer. People with a high school diploma or more minor do not have access to the internet. However, the proportion of people who do has a decreasing proportion of those with higher educational attainment. When comparing adults who live in households with annual household incomes of less than $30,000 to those who live in households with annual household incomes of $75,000 or more, those who live in households with annual household incomes of less than $30,000 are significantly more likely to indicate that they do not use the internet (14 percent vs. 1 percent ).

Women outnumber males in non-internet use, and there are no statistically significant differences across races and ethnicities or between different types of communities. However, even though some groups continue to have lower internet adoption rates than others, the vast majority of Americans are now online, thanks to ongoing government and social sector initiatives to promote internet use in underserved areas. Over time, it has been observed that the offline population of the United States has been shrinking. For some groups, the decline has been remarkably rapid. When it comes to people aged 65 and older, for example, in 2000, 86 percent did not have access to the internet; today, that proportion has reduced to only a quarter of the population.

Compared to the beginning of the year, the proportion of people aged 50 to 64 who do not have access to the internet has reduced by eight percentage points, from 12 to 4 percent. Thus, over that period, the number of Black and Hispanic individuals who do not have access to the internet has declined considerably, falling from 15 percent to 9 percent among Black and from 14 percent to 5 percent among those who are Hispanic.

While 14 percent of Americans with a high school education or less do not use the internet, the rate drops to 3 percent among those with some college education and 2 percent among those with a bachelor’s degree or higher within five years after becoming a citizen.

Moreover, according to Pew, household income is a predictor of connectivity, with 14 percent of adults who live in homes earning less than $30,000 per year stating that they have never accessed the internet.

It is estimated that the number of people who do not use the internet decreases to 9 percent among households earning $30,000 to $49,000 per year and even further to 2 percent among households earning $50,000 to $74,999 per year, based on Census Bureau data; the figure drops even further to 2 percent among households earning $100,000 or more per year.

“There were no statistically significant differences in non-internet use between genders, races, and ethnicities, or community types,” according to the findings of the study, which was published in the journal Science. The percentage of Hispanic and black adults who say they never use the internet has dropped to 5 percent and 9 percent, respectively, from the previous year.

Also discovered by researchers was that a full ten percent of adults in rural areas never use the internet, compared to six percent of adults in suburban areas and five percent of adults in urban areas — and that a slightly higher proportion of women (7 percent) than men (6 percent) claim they never go online at any time.

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HVAC Contractor Marketing Ideas to Generate More Leads




No matter how great your HVAC services are, you will not get new customers if your customers can’t find you. Marketing should not be an afterthought for any HVAC contractor. It must be the utmost priority for every HVAC business if they are serious about gaining new customers, growing their business, and becoming more profitable.

Marketing can be a challenge for numerous HVAC contractors. Most HVAC sales reps struggling with their marketing efforts don’t know what they’re doing wrong or why they don’t see any results from their marketing activities.

If your HVAC company is also having a hard time getting more leads and attracting potential customers, you need to adopt a new HVAC marketing strategy. In this blog post, you’ll discover five ways you can boost your marketing efforts to drive more leads and generate more business.

Optimize Your Business Website

Table of Contents

Your HVAC business website is your online presence. It’s a virtual storefront where you showcase your offerings and find new customers. Your website should be designed to help potential customers learn everything they need to know about your company before contacting you for services or products.

Creating a business website is not enough. You have to make sure that your business website is optimized for conversions. To optimize your website, you need to focus on using keywords related to your HVAC business. Upload high-quality images and videos on your website.

Every page on your website should have a call to action that tells visitors exactly what to do next. You need to place calls to action on every page of your website, including links that will take visitors to other pages on your website. Using effective landing pages can help you generate more leads.

Appreciate Customer Review Sites

Customer review sites are one of the most trusted sources consumers go to when looking for service providers. These sites offer product reviews, comments, ratings, and recommendations from other customers who have used products or services in the past.

There are plenty of customer review sites out there where you can ask your customers to leave a review for your business. You can also ask your customers to leave reviews on Google and Yelp, as other users will likely spot those reviews when they search for a service provider in your area.

Build Your Reputation on Social Media

Social media is a great platform to build awareness about your business. Most HVAC contractors are making good use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to drive more leads. You need to create a social media strategy that suits your business needs.

Social media allows you to connect with potential customers all over the world. These users are usually in the research stage of the buying cycle, so social media is a great way to get more leads. You can use these sites to share interesting posts about your industry and boost your search engine rankings.

You need to be consistent with your efforts on social media. Customers are constantly checking posts on social media, so you need to make sure that you are constantly posting new content. Social media sites also allow you to run ads for various businesses, like home improvement ads, HVAC ads, animal ads, and more. You can use such ads to attract more potential customers.

Invest in Email Marketing

Email marketing is another great way to increase your conversions. You need email marketing campaigns designed to send targeted messages to your audience. Your email marketing campaign should aim to reach potential customers currently in the research stage of the buying cycle. If you can successfully get them into the consideration phase of the buying cycle, then converting them into a customer will be easy.

You need to send regular emails with informative content relevant to your business. Ensure you provide valuable information related to HVAC system installation, maintenance, and repair to your audience. You need to come up with content that is helpful and that your customers can use right away in their daily lives.

You can also use email marketing campaigns to deliver coupon offers, discounts, and other incentives for purchasing your products or services. Your website should have a link that visitors can click on to sign up for your email lists.

Leverage Referral Marketing

Another good way to get leads is by leveraging referral marketing. Referral marketing happens when you ask your past customers if they are willing to refer more people to your business in exchange for some rewards. You can offer incentives to encourage users to refer new leads your way. You can use coupons or discounts as an incentive, but you need to be careful about spending too much money on discounts and other offers.

You can also offer your customers gifts for referrals. You don’t want the gift to be the same as whatever you are selling since it will look like you are buying leads rather than generating them organically. You need to make sure that the gift is attractive enough for your customers to mention it when potential leads ask them about the services you offer.

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SignNow — Secure Your Business




In the age of information technology, people are no longer surprised by the phrase “electronic queue”, online services, electronic document management, a country in a smartphone. Today, all important documentation is duplicated on the Internet, and many public services in different countries are available through mobile offers. For example, in Ukraine (a country in Eastern Europe), the government has launched a paperless program, which means that all public services are provided online.  But the modern trend of paperwork in electronic form requires appropriate validation.

Esignature was invented for this purpose. This unique innovation has helped move all legal and accounting work completely online. The electronic signature is officially equal to a handwritten signature and is of equal validation both for legal and natural persons. The electronic digital signature is the present and the future, as more and more countries are moving online. Today we are going to tell you about the types of electronic signatures, and why you need them. We will also discuss what the pros and cons are, as well as the rules for safe use.

Definition of the E-Signature 

Table of Contents

For a long time, electronic signature has been a fairly popular solution that allows entrepreneurs and individuals to solve official issues without leaving the office or home. Using a digital signature is relevant both when working with accounting documents and when preparing and sending declarations, invoices, letters, and official statements electronically. What is an electronic signature? It is essentially the equivalent of a person’s handwritten signature. Digital data is used in the process of identifying the owner to confirm that it was he or she who signed the documents. With this technology, you can forget about the eternal printing of piles of documents, signing all 1,000 pieces of paper by hand, sending signed documents to the appropriate authority by mail. Now everything happens in electronic format.

The main functions of the e-signature:

Guaranteeing the integrity of the file with the document and its complete protection from changes and edits. A certified copy, once signed, remains the only official document. This ensures absolute confidentiality of information about users’ money transactions and document flow.
Confirmation of receipt of a package of documents. By signing online documents, the signer can no longer tear or destroy the document because it has already been saved online. Such situations were possible when submitting reports to auditing authorities, as well as during the editing of internal documentation of the company.
The impossibility for the person who certified and signed the document to refuse the obligations imposed on him.

You also can enjoy all these benefits, all you need is to visit the signNow website and try out its services. There are plenty of reasons to buy an electronic signature from these guys for your company, regardless of your company’s line of business. So, first, electronic signature optimizes the workflow, promotes proper management, and significantly reduces the company’s expenditures. The very fact of keeping personnel records, accounting records, and reporting involve a significant reduction in the volume of paperwork in the archives. Freed from paperwork, your employees can focus on their main tasks. Also, the time and expenses spent on contracts and agreements, batch payment documents, and their delivery to the addressee are reduced to zero. Check this article, to find out more benefits.

Types of Electronic Signatures 

The first type is a simple electronic signature. It’s important to remember that such a signature has no legal value. In fact, it’s just an ordinary set of your data (for example, a login and a password from the mail). It’s also  verification by phone number and SMS. You can make such a signature by yourself using the appropriate software. The simple electronic signature is not used for business documents and public services. You can also request this signature from our friends at signNow.
Enhanced unqualified electronic signature. Such signature has legal value only if an agreement between the parties is concluded and certified by a notary.  Crypto-encryption is used to create such a signature. The enhanced unqualified electronic signature confirms the owner’s identity and also certifies that no changes were made to the document.  This signature can be stored on a USB-flash drive with a password accessible only to the owner.
Enhanced qualified signature. The creation of such a signature requires the agreement of the relevant authorities of the country. It is not easy to get such a signature. But an electronic signature confirmed by the authorities gives a lot of advantages for doing business. Such signature has full legal power.

Advantages and Disadvantages 

What are the most obvious pros and cons of e-signatures? The advantages include saving money and time (in business, these concepts are interchangeable), a convenient and easy way to use, and the ability to sign an electronic document in a matter of seconds. However, despite so many advantages, there are still a couple of disadvantages. Using an electronic signature requires the use of appropriate software and IT infrastructure. But the experts at signNow can solve any difficulty and help you set up and start using such a convenient service.

Reasons To Choose signNow

If you do not trust our recommendations, then we advise you to read hundreds of positive reviews about the company on the Internet. Satisfied customers are the reason for the company to develop and improve its services.

Buy e-signature means to ensure corporate data security, increase the company’s credibility and follow with the latest trends.

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